Warp & GMAP BADASS Poster Design Template (PSD)

This review is about the poster template from freeject.net. This poster template is one of their rare projects. Here the creator creates a strong and bold design by mixing several textures. The folded paper texture and dust film for the project background give it a grainy look.

Because this design uses a grunge texture with a heavy touch, it is very suitable for hardcore themed posters. This template is perfect for music posters with the rock or metal genre. The theme of this poster can also be changed by modifying the design according to your needs.

They provide 2 usage examples that can be tailored to your project. The first poster with a plain background that is simple and focuses more on conveying messages through text only. While the second poster has a background image so that the message conveyed can be more complex.

This template is available in Photoshop (PSD) format with editable elements. The color and background image can be changed easily because the template uses a gradient map color.

If you are interested in using this poster template for your design, please download at link below.


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