Free Download Snow Text Effect Template (PSD)

Are you looking for a type of font with a winter holiday style? here we review text effects that have a snow ice texture. The details of the snow fall give the texture a realistic look. This text effect creates an artistic and striking way to your text. 

Designs with a Christmas theme usually using text with a snow effect using this template can speed you up in creating your design. You can simply use photoshop smart layers to apply effects to text or shapes according to your design. 

This ice text effect can be used to design posters, flyers, or cover art. You can also modify it according to your needs such as using it for ornamentation in the design. This is because this text effect can be used for various shapes that are suitable for your design. 

An interesting text effect isn't it? Pixeden provides this effect for free. Available in photoshop template (PSD) format. You can download it at the link below.

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