Free Download 20 Brutalist Shape Design Element (PNG)

This time we will review a stunning creative asset. This asset is a brutalist shape created by This shape has a grainy texture and little noise in the color gradations. The grunge texture of this shape gives it its own distinctive features. Ornaments for element designs with a childish colorful theme that looks striking. Suitable for decorating posters, flyers, banners, advertisements or branding, and others. You can also use it for cover art and social media posts to make the design look more attractive. Available in 20 design element options to decorate your design. Creator provides a wide selection of shapes from original shapes such as circles, triangles, and squares to abstract shapes such as heart shapes, moons, crosses, clouds, and others. You can choose the shape and color that suits your design.

These assets are available in PNG format. For quality don't worry because it is already available with a high resolution. You can freely use it because the creators provide it for free. To download this free asset please click the link below.

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